My Child May Go to College out of New York State - Are the Regents Exams Still Important?

My Child May Go to College out of New York State – Are the Regents Exams Still Important?

In New York State, the Regents exams are comprehensive subject exams that students are required to take at the end of each year of high school. One reason for this is to ensure that every school in New York is teaching the same level of material.  This is one of the reasons New York schools score so well on national high school rankings and also why such a large number of New York high school graduates are college-ready upon graduation.

Colleges within New York state are familiar with Regents exams, but people often wonder whether the scores on Regents exams matter if their children are planning to attend an out-of-state college.  Simply, the answer is that scores on the Regents exams still matter for many reasons.

First, although many out-of-state colleges are not as familiar with Regents exams as in-state colleges, many are familiar with them and others have become more familiar with them in recent years. With the amount of New York students who apply to colleges all across the country, it is no wonder that many of these universities have done their homework and are now understanding what these exams are all about.

Next, at many high schools throughout New York, the grade on a Regents exam is factored into the student’s final grade in the course. The impact that the score will have on a final grade varies from district to district, and it is best to ask your child’s guidance counselor about the policies in your child’s particular school.  

Finally, the scores received on these exams almost always appear on the child’s high school transcript.  Therefore, even if a college is unfamiliar with the exam itself, a low grade on a transcript may send a flag to an admissions counselor at any college. Likewise, a strong score on a transcript will always reflect nicely on the student.

In sum, regardless of where your child is thinking about attending college, his or her score on the Regents exam remains crucial.

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