Regents Exams Are Back! We Are Here To Prepare You!

The New York State Education Department circulated a memorandum to schools across the State announcing that Regents Exams will be administered this coming June. Since the start of the pandemic, Regents Exams in New York have been put on hold. With the exception of a few federally-mandated exams that were optional last year, most New York high school students have not sat for a Regents Exam since June 2019. Regents Exams are end-of-year assessments that are given in the following subject areas: Earth Science, Living Environment/Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Global History, U.S. History and English. Exam scores appear on a student’s high school transcript and many school districts count the score as part of a student’s overall average in the course.

Regents Review has been preparing students for New York State Regents Exams since 1976. What started out as a basement cram session with a teacher and some students over 40 years ago has now emerged into New York’s leading one-day bootcamp review for not only Regents Exams, but for Advanced Placement Exams and other standardized tests. Of course, over the past two years, many things have changed for students and educators alike. We remain hopeful that education continues its return to pre-pandemic normalcy.

Our full schedule of one-day review classes can be found on our website. Students can register for our in person classes (Long Island, Westchester, Rockland) or they can choose an online option. Whether you join us in the classroom or from your own home we invite you to #Come Study With Us!